Putting Renovations into Perspective

There is no denying that renovations can be stressful. However, if you prepare correctly you can practically breeze through any unforeseen incidents. We are going to go over some amazing tips on renovations. So buckle up! Starting Renovations The first and perhaps most essential aspect is the estimation of cost. It’s important to know what […]

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Agent In Buying or Selling a Property

Any person who is licensed to represent buyers and/or sellers in a real estate transaction is a real estate agent. This title of real estate agents and realtors are often used interchangeably, but, there is a noted difference. Locally, it is wise to ensure that the agents are from a reputable agency and has extensive […]

Energy Saving Simplified

As of late, energy-saving is a hot topic and for good reasons! As a real estate company, we enjoy helping people make their homes their own, and energy efficiency made it to the top of the desirable list.  When it comes to energy saving, most people make the assumption less energy equals lower costs. And […]

Local Real Estate and COVID 19 – What you need to know

Local Real Estate and COVID 19 – this is a wide topic as there are many areas to cover with the current pandemic. This article looks at Real Estate in Guyana and the effects of COVID. The reality of the current COVID 19 pandemic, not only for Guyana but globally, is that it will change […]

How to use Properties.GY

Properties.gy is a useful assorted platform created by Demerara Realty Inc that caters to everything Real estate. The various sections consist of portfolios for properties on sale, property listing, Mortgage Calculator, blog articles, etc. Additionally, to better connect with users there is a live chat installed that enables users to chat in real time with […]

Renting vs. Buying

Should I rent or should I invest and buy? A major life decision – oftentimes made when we’re at a crossroads on maintaining affordability or finding the comforts that suit our needs or changing lifestyle.  When making such life altering financial decisions, one needs to seriously consider the added financial discipline needed.  Let’s face it, […]

Demerara Realty’s Services

Demerara Realty Inc – a licensed Real Estate and Property Management agency located at Lot 120 Parade Street, Kingston was officially established in January 2020.  Although a formally young company, it comprises of an expert team with over 20 combined years of experience in Guyana’s Realty sector.  Demerara Realty is not only focused on the […]