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"The Modern Way to Build Steel Frame House!"

Demerara Realty Inc introduces Steel-Framed Engineered Solutions (SEFS), as an authorized dealer for SEFSL in Guyana. A combination of advanced modern 3D building information modeling software and cutting-edge and proprietary roll-forming technology, SEFS is an innovative construction alternative.

We provide our clients a complete scope of work, from conceptual design to complete turnkey structures. This new method of building is unchallenged due to the building experience it provides for developers, architects, contractors, and homeowners. The impact of a light gauge steel framing system is that it provides superior precision from production through installation. The system consists of custom C & U stud and tracks, custom-designed for each individual project. The steel framed  solutions include custom length stud and track, wall framing, roof truss/framing, decking, curtain walls, facades, and complete houses (all are pre-engineered).

It has all the advantages of cold-formed steel such as extreme versatility, simple execution, high speed of construction, and low weight of the final frame. The precise design process demands that the construction process is seamless with positively no wastage. SEFS products lead to higher precision, (1mm to be exact), which ensures effective quality control. The incredible performance of this system includes shock resistance, anti-coercion, fire protection, insulation, hurricane resistance, and waterproofing. In a partnership with SEFS International, the global leaders in structural cold-formed steel systems, we take full advantage of the most advanced construction system to date. As a result, it ensures that the key elements in design, manufacturing, and assembly are all integrated for the highest levels of efficiency and structural integrity. Long gone are the days of overcrowded construction sites, large amounts of construction machinery, and messy sites. The modern way to build not only reduces the number of labourers needed but also decreases the time needed for construction, about 50% quicker than traditional concrete.

*Made in Trinidad and is exported ‘flat packed’, where individual members are labelled and assorted for a seamless installation process.


In steel-framed building construction, cold-formed steel products can be classified into three categories: members, panels, and prefabricated assemblies. Usual cold-formed steel members such as studs, track, purlins, girts, and angles are primarily used for carrying loads. Panels and decks constitute useful surfaces such as floors, roofs, and walls, in addition to resisting in-plane and out-of-plane surface loads. It should be noted that cold-formed steel products are shaped at ambient temperatures from steel sheets, strip plates, as well as flat bars by roll-forming machines. They can be produced in large quantities and at high speed with consistent quality. Traditionally, in building construction, cold-formed steel products are used as structural members and coverings for roofs, walls, and floors. The versatility and range of cold form shapes and sizes of the structural members allow for a wide variety of design options while maintaining the structural integrity of the members.

Cold-formed shapes can be used for entire buildings along with for complete roof, floor joists, and wall systems. They can also be used as individual framing members such as studs, joists, and truss members. The design capability and flexibility of cold-formed steel is the superior technology for almost any building type including residential, commercial, and even industrial structures.


Whether you are a first-time homeowner or a seasoned developer we have a variety of steel frame house designs that can suit your specific building needs. Going from storage sheds, guard booths, classic town houses to complete two-storey homes; we have got you covered. It comes with a complete package inclusive of engineering, architectural, foundation design, etc.

All prices quoted below are based on a rough ESTIMATE and are subject to change based on a site visit (not inclusive of VAT). Site conditions may vary to the estimate. Prices include material and labor for the “superstructure” or enclosed shell of the building. It includes all the framing (internal and external walls, roof framing), the radiant barrier insulation, the external cladding, roofing (sheeting, soffits, guttering, and downpipe), and all fasteners and anchors. For two-storey structures, it also includes floor framing and boarding for the first floor.

It comes “flat packed” and will require assembly in Guyana.

Sequitte Model 1

Starter friendly choice!

Sequitte Model 2

Perfect Budget friendly solution!

Sequitte Model 3

Perfect for starting your family!

Sequitte Model 4

Contemporary duplex concept!

Samaan Model

Move in ready!

Hummingbird Model

Contemporary starter choice!

Kiskadee Model

Uniquely designed for extended families!

Hibiscus Model

Largest move in ready model!

KK Model 1 (2 bedroom)

KK Model 2 (3 bedroom)

Demerara Realty Inc (DRI) is the sole authorized distributor in Guyana for Steel-Framed products and services