Campbellville, Georgetown

The pride of residential Campbellville is its privacy and quietness. It is an ideal location for anyone hoping to come home after work and just relax but it also provides some of the easiest access to quite a number of services. Bordered on the east by Lamaha Gardens and Prashad Nagar and Bel Air Village; on the north by Bel Air Park and the Botanic Gardens; on the west by Middleton Street and on the North by the now defunct train tracks aka “Line top”.

In terms of education, there is the Campbellville Secondary School as well as access to many others in neighboring districts and down town. Health care is also is cinch with access to facilities such a Sheriff Medical, located just on Sheriff Street, the Campbellville Health Centre and all of the other clinics, hospitals and private practices located in Georgetown. Entertainment and dining are not a problem with the number of restaurants, bars and clubs located just on Sheriff Street. There is also access to the National Cultural Centre, the Giftland Mall and MovieTowne just minutes away.

Key features

semi private community

Commercial/ Private/ Residential Combo

protected by private security forces & constant police patrols

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