Benefits of Having a Real Estate Agent In Buying or Selling a Property

Any person who is licensed to represent buyers and/or sellers in a real estate transaction is a real estate agent. This title of real estate agents and realtors are often used interchangeably, but, there is a noted difference. Locally, it is wise to ensure that the agents are from a reputable agency and has extensive […]

Energy Saving Simplified

As of late, energy-saving is a hot topic and for good reasons! As a real estate company, we enjoy helping people make their homes their own, and energy efficiency made it to the top of the desirable list.  When it comes to energy saving, most people make the assumption less energy equals lower costs. And […]

Downsizing Simplified

So you’ve decided it’s time to downsize and you’re likely wondering where to start. We are going to take a look at the concept of downsizing and how to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. There are a lot of reasons for downsizing, such as: – Becoming an Empty Nester whereby your […]

Stress Management

Buying a home is definitely one of the biggest purchases you are likely to ever make. No matter what stage you’re at, deciding to invest money in a home is a decision that will impact the next chapter of your life significantly. We need to understand that this choice shouldn’t be made lightly! Because of […]