Properties for sale or rent in Crane,
West Coast Demerara

Because of Crane’s proximity and close relation to Vreed-en-Hoop, it benefits from all of the positives without having to deal with the excessive business as that which occurs heading closer to the West Demerara Stelling. There is access to all medical facilities in Vreed en Hoop, including the West Demerara Regional Hospital and Quest Medical
Centre, banks such as Republic Bank and Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry as well as insurance agencies such as GTM and Nalico/Nafico. Supermarkets such as Tularam’s Supermarket and Ram’s Supermarket which provide an all-day shopping experience whenever necessary. Access to educational facilities is not a problem as there is a
primary school located within the village and access to those in neighbouring villages as well.

Key features

quiet & mid-sized village


protected by Vreed- en-Hoop Police Station

Properties Available In Crane, West Coast Demerara
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