Office Space or commercial space for Rent in guyana

How to Get Started with Renting your office space

Drive your business to a succeeding level with productive, healthy, and safe workplaces in Guyana. Our commercial space listing for rent provides several features and amenities to choose from that can cater to the needs of your business. Find a flexible office or commercial space for rent at your convenience for as little as an hour or day, or stay for longer as you like and personalize it to suit the unique needs of your business.

Productive, healthy and Safe workplaces

Personalize it according to the needs

Convenient and flexible office/commercial space

Number of amenities to choose

How easy is it to work with DRI
Renting Process?

Renting or Leasing Office Space with DRI can offer you a full host of benefits. In some cases, you may miss the chance to acquire the desired property as some owners only want to rent out their property through a real estate agent. We have a large database of rental listings which may help you in finding the right place to live.

Home for Sale in Laluni Street, Georgetown, Guyana

Meeting you with your preferred location and neighborhood

If relocating to a new place, we can help you with prices reasonable for that area.

Contacting DRI before heading to an unknown area for assistance, especially with safety in mind

Screening of owners and tenants as it ensures that all the verification checks are done beforehand

Why choose DRI for renting an office space?

Whatever be your reason for searching for office space for renting purposes. We can provide you unmatched quality assistance which will make the whole process of renting a stress-free and productive experience for you.

Discover validated office space within your budget

Our team will help you in searching for the ideal space effortlessly. Our team of real estate agents validates the office space, by paying a visit and inspecting every detail, before being listed with us.

Providing you best possible workspace for your requirements

We consider your requirements such as the number of employees, desired location, features and amenities, moving deadlines, conference rooms, business lounge when looking for a new office for you.

We are a commercial market expert

Our team of real estate agents is local market specialists who can advise you on factors that will affect the price. We always find space that suits you best.

We negotiate the best deals for you

In summation to discuss all of the options available to you, we also advise you on essential factors that will affect the price such as location, condition, and availability of the building, service charges, etc.

At Demerara Realty we look at real estate with purpose. With over twenty years of combined experience in the realty business. A wide range of affordable commercial and residential properties (whether it be to buy, rent, or sell).

Our real estate company has officially started two years ago in 2019. With a record of great, positive performance with our commercial and residential clients, we have done the work to benefit you.

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