Better Hope, East Coast Demerara

Better Hope is a quiet community, awakened only when there are roadside parties or activities occurring at the popular Better Hope Community Centre ground. This is one of those ever-developing communities with residents always adding to the value of the landscape through development of their own properties. The majority of people who live here solidify their residences due to the convenience in accessing major parts of the east coast as well as Georgetown. The community is just about 10 minutes from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport, as well as the University of Guyana. There is access to a number of primary and secondary schools just in the proximity, inclusive of the popular Apex Education but schools are not restricted as the option for schools in the city is open. Shopping can be done at the numerous supermarkets around as well as FoodMaxx at the Giftland Mall and Massy Supermarket at the MovieTowne Complex.
Both of these hubs are areas for entertainment as well and are located just a few
kilometres away.

Key features

15 minutes from Georgetown.

Commercial/ Residential Combo

protected by an active policing group.

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