Demerara Realty’s Customer Service Philosophy

Demerara Realty Inc. aims to be the benchmark for Real Estate and Property Management in Guyana for both Commercial and Residential properties. Our multi-dimensional services provide a comfortable and affordable experience. Our innovative and family oriented management contributes to our success since we strive for excellence in our customer service. The excellence we operate with […]

Home Buying Process

We’re going to evaluate the Home Buying Process in Guyana, as a continuation from our recent blog article ‘Renting Vs Buying’.  To reiterate there’s no “right” or “wrong” time to buy a home, it’s all dependent on when you are ready personally and financially. TV shows like Property Brothers make the home buying process look […]

Renting vs. Buying

Should I rent or should I invest and buy? A major life decision – oftentimes made when we’re at a crossroads on maintaining affordability or finding the comforts that suit our needs or changing lifestyle.  When making such life altering financial decisions, one needs to seriously consider the added financial discipline needed.  Let’s face it, […]