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Buying a commercial property is governed by multiple factors. It’s not only investing in your business but also in commercial real estate. If you are in a complex dilemma as to buy an office space or not, we advise you to perform a thorough analysis and effective financial planning for the best interest of your business. Explore our commercial real estate listings for sale in Guyana.

We have spent many years in a commercial space lease and commercial real estate selling. We understand the unique factors that play into the commercial market as well as how location impacts business.

How to Get Started with Renting

Set clear rules for the tenant by providing a detailed Tenancy Agreement

Keep photographic evidence of your property pre-tenancy

Office Space for Sale in Guyana

reasons to Buy Office Spaces with DRI?

We work with you and for you.

Home for Sale in Laluni Street, Georgetown, Guyana

We hold real estate licenses which ensures that we’re legally permitted to facilitate commercial space real estate transactions.

We also know if an office space or commercial property is rightly priced or if we could fairly negotiate a better deal for you.

Our local market knowledge and we have access to those office spaces that will never be advertised or going to be on the market soon.

Demerara Realty inquires about top commercial space that match your requirements, sets appointments for property tours, double-check city zoning and regulations, and so much more.

At DRI, our team is uniquely qualified to manage all your commercial real estate transactions, and we can’t wait to help you find the perfect situation for your business. Speak with our expert to sell your commercial space (office space) or other commercial real estate related questions you might have.

Why Rent through DRI

Whatever be your reason for searching for property for renting purposes. We can provide you unmatched quality assistance which will make the whole process of renting a stress-free and productive experience for you.

Transparent and on-time communication

Making the process of home tour easy for you

Saving you from the hassles of verification check

We always put our emphasis on the client’s best interest in mind

We focus on providing our clients extraordinary services as we value their time

Access to multiple listings, providing you a number of options to choose from

At Demerara Realty we look at real estate with purpose. With over twenty years of combined experience in the realty business. A wide range of affordable commercial and residential properties (whether it be to buy, rent, or sell).

Our real estate company has officially started two years ago in 2019. With a record of great, positive performance with our commercial and residential clients, we have done the work to benefit you.

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