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Selling a property (home or house, lands, commercial space) can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to find the right buyer for your property. However, at Demerara Realty Inc our database of potential buyers are defined, diverse, easily identifiable to give you the quick and right sale that you need for your property (condos, lands, office spaces) in Guyana. There are various considerations you would need to make in the journey of selling your  property, which we’ll walk you through in this section.

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Are you planning to sell your property (house, apartments, condos, commercial space) and need to know the value of it? Do you know what the buyers are looking for in a property? Do you have any real estate agents to get you through this journey of selling your real estate property in Guyana?

You should always consider these measures of concern before leading towards selling your home, but if this seems to be tedious for you, our suggestion is to hire one of our real estate agents with the desired experience in buying and selling homes in Guyana. We will surely secure the best deal for you!

Get professionals to fill the gap between seller and buyer

Our agents provide you the insight of latest trends

Increase your property worth with the to remodel, repair, inspect and improve the property

Save your time on the process of selling

Selling your house can be an emotional experience, so an experienced real estate agent helps you in the transaction process, filling the gaps between you as a seller and the prospective buyer. We are well versed and connected with industry professionals that remodel, inspect, repair, and improve the worth of your house, which can be done in no time. 
Additionally, our agents are also beneficial in making you aware of all the current updates about laws, regulations, contracts, and practices that can easily be missed by you and further lead to inexpensive fixes.

Office Space (Commercial property) for Sale in Guyana

Office property sale spans over small space in a residential area to a multi-complex property in a prime commercial area. When selling your commercial property it’s best to consider location, amenities, property value, timeline, etc to generate the best price for your property and the lowest price you’re wiling to negotiate for. Negotiations are always a part of the process.

In some cases you would have many offers for your property especially if it’s in a prime location such as Central Georgetown specifically Regent street, Camp street, America street amongst others where there is a high level of consumer traffic. Additionally, there are other budding prime commercial areas that are on the outskirts of Georgetown such as Turkeyen, Providence, Diamond, with more to be added in the next 5+ years to the list of commercial areas.

In a highly competitive market, it’s best to hire a real estate agent who will handle the hassle to find appropriate options to chose from in your buyer.

Homes (houses) for Sales in Guyana

Your home (house) is a prime reflection of who you are or a phase in your life. However, there comes a time when you need to transition to another abode. This transition can be a tedious task if you’re looking for a new owner that will truly preserve the value of this personal investment i.e. your home.

Knowing the value of your property is important, a real estate agent will advise you on the fees you will incur in the process of selling your home, the market value, home repairs and other areas to make your home more marketable.

There are various prime residential areas within Guyana that carry a high market value which you can explore in our Neighborhood – Demerara Realty to get an idea of the market value in your community .

Land for Sales in Guyana

Land is a great asset in Guyana. Within the last five years, the Government of Guyana has allocated house lots in newly established communities for the growing population.

For various reasons you may be seeking to sell your land. However, it is important to know several aspects to help you in the process, those are: the zoning classification to market the land for appropriate use, the market value of land in the area and even an outline of your ideal buyer amongst other factors.

Land sales are often slower compared to a property since there is not much structure on it to market it. Once you connect with our agents we will take the burden to ensure that the land sale process is expedient and you’re covered within the transaction.

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