Homes (houses) for Rent in Guyana

Your ultimate guide for Renting a House in Guyana

Hiring a real estate agent for finding your dream  condos, apartments and homes for renting in Guyana can help you substantially. Contact us to rent your favourite home and apartment in Guyana. A real estate agent understands your needs in terms.

Demerara Reality Inc will ease the renting process of your home (house) and find the right buyer for it!

Happy Renting!!

At Demerara Realty, we focus on providing you with the exact property (homes or houses) as per your checklist. Fixed monthly rent, lower insurance costs, utility bills, etc.. are added advantages to the landlords. We screen the right potential tenants for ensuring our clients and saving them from the hassles of background checks. If you are looking to rent a house because of a change in location or downsizing, whatever the reason, Demerara Realty Inc can be the place to find your ideal property.

houses and apartments for rent in guyana

$ 1,000,000.00

Elegant 3-bedroom house

272 Forshaw Street, Georgetown, Guyana
$ 500,000.00

Spectacular Apartment Complex to lease

Providence east bank demerara, Rupununi Rd, Guyana

Home for Rent – Atlantic Gardens, Guyana

Atlantic Gardens, Better Hope, Guyana
$ 5,000.00

Prashad Nagar, Gorgetown

Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, Guyana

Why Rent a home through DRI

Access to more listings along with multiple listing services(MLS) databases.

With DRI, you will also be able to know about unlisted units coming soon on the market.

The properties listed with us are verified and are approved once we visit them.

Our real estate partners, agents bring out the better deals for you that are negotiable.

We are a well-connected team aiming to provide a connected and seamless journey for our clients.

We have an experienced team that has in-depth knowledge of the local market and current trends in Guyana.

At Demerara Realty we look at real estate with purpose. With over twenty years of combined experience in the realty business. A wide range of affordable commercial and residential properties (whether it be to buy, rent, or sell).

Our real estate company has officially started two years ago in 2019. With a record of great, positive performance with our commercial and residential clients, we have done the work to benefit you.

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