Types of Remodelling

You’ve probably heard the classic adage, “the kitchen sells the house.” This is because it’s usually the central part of the home where people congregate. In the long run, an average remodel will pay off more than a high-end remodel. The cost will come down to the materials you use. Quartz countertops are most desirable, […]

Best Solar Energy Options

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available. There are several ways to harness solar energy: photovoltaics, solar heating & cooling, and passive solar. Let’s quickly take a look at each… Photovoltaic or PV devices generate electricity directly from sunlight via an electronic process that occurs naturally in certain types of […]

Energy Efficient Alternative Appliances

Energy efficiency is all the buzz as of late! More people are looking to better care for their environment and to lower their own energy costs. Most appliances display the bright yellow and black Energy Guide label to help you determine the efficiency of an appliance. The label provides information about energy consumption and shows […]

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Agent in Renting

Agents can be especially helpful in highly competitive markets. Certain locations offer huge advantages to renters, and listings can go quickly. If you’re considering renting in a highly desirable location, an agent may just give you a leg up on your competition. Renting or Leasing Renting or leasing a home can offer a full host […]

Financing Your Renovations

Refinancing Although not a popular option in Guyana, you may be able to refinance your mortgage at a lower rate to reduce monthly payments. Keep in mind that to do this, you would’ve needed to have considerably paid off your existing loan.  This option is only worth it if your current interest rates are much […]