Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara

Atlantic Ville is simple in the most basic sense of the word, however as a real estate potential, its added value is what draws attention. Its small size provides a level of security unlike some other villages while at the same time, maintaining a high level of comfort. Though the village itself does not accommodate educational, entertainment or major health care facilities, it is located at a very central point providing its residents with very easy access to these in the surrounding villages, as well as Georgetown, which is just about 10 minutes away. In terms of schools, there is the Graham’s Hall Primary, Cumming’s Lodge Secondary and the University of Guyana to take into consideration. Entertainment is easily found at the Giftland Mall and MovieTowne Complex located just minutes away and health care is more or less accessible in all forms in Georgetown.

Key features

outer parts of Georgetown

Commercial/ Residential Combo

protected by high security in nearby region

Properties Available In Atlantic Ville, ECD
Atlantic Gardens, Better Hope, Guyana $ 2,000.00 View Details
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