Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara

Windsor Forest is quaint and quiet and embodies a close resemblance to typical country life. The community boasts basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity, potable water supply, telephone and internet. Access to education is easy as it has a primary school and a nursery school as well as health care with the presence of an active Health Centre. Leisure takes the form of casual family gatherings and sports events usually occurring at the Windsor Forest Community Centre ground. There is also access to numerous taxi services, beauty salons, barbershops, supermarkets and restaurants. Housing in the village reflect a somewhat wooden colonial style with steady advancements towards intricate designs of concrete and other stone-based materials.

The architectural landscape of Windsor Forest boasts large houses with intricate designs — both in wood and concrete — and sprawling edifices with equally beautiful landscapes. Because of its close proximity to Vreed-en-Hoop also, the residents enjoy the benefits of all that it has to offer as well as an easy port into the capital, Georgetown via the Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling.

Key features

small community

Private/ Residential Combo

protected by high security

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