Properties for sale or rent in Prashad Nagar, GeorgeTown

Lauded as a quiet and peaceful residential area, Prashad Nagar’s central location provides its residents with a number of perks especially access to businesses happening in and around Georgetown. It is just a short drive away from major banks, supermarkets such as Survival, DSL and De Sinco, hardware and general stores, among others. This is especially complemented by the fact that the village’s border to the west is Sheriff Street, is a hub of social and nightlife activities.

Prashad Nagar is just a stone’s throw away from a number of public and private primary, secondary and tertiary institutions – inclusive of the University of Guyana, and just a short distance from those in central Georgetown. In terms of medical care, these can be accessed at clinics located right on Sheriff Street or within central Georgetown. In addition, it is just a few minutes away from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport.

Key features

Prime space in the capital

Luxury/ Residential Combo

protected by high security

Properties for sale or rent In Prashad Nagar
Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, Guyana $ 5,000.00 View Details
Home for Rent in Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, Guyana
Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, Guyana $ 6,300,000.00 View Details
Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, Guyana $ 420,000.00 View Details
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Home for Rent in Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, Guyana
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