Vreed En Hoop, West Coast Demerara

Passenger boats (speedboats) traverse the Demerara River linking Vreed en Hoop to the capital city of Georgetown in about five minutes, much faster than using the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB). The terminal connects travelers to the West Bank Demerara road up to Parika, with cars and minibuses plying the routes.

Vreed en Hoop encompasses a few smaller communities, among them New Road, Plantain Walk, Crane and Coglan Dam. There is access to all medical facilities in Vreed en Hoop, including the West Demerara Regional Hospital and Quest Medical Centre,
banks such as Republic Bank and Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry as well as insurance agencies such as GTM and Nalico/Nafico. Supermarkets such as Tularam’s Supermarket and Ram’s Supermarket, just in the proximity of the neighboring village to the north, provide an all-day shopping experience whenever necessary. Access to educational facilities is not a problem as there is the Goed Fortuin Primary school located right in the quaint little village as well as many other surrounding schools such as the West Demerara Secondary School and Vreed en Hoop Primary. It has an educational institute for tertiary education and a college where teachers go for training.

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prime residential and commercial real estate area

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