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Tuschen is a village of internal migrants. From a little rural community about a decade ago, the New Tuschen Housing Scheme has drawn thousands from various parts of the country eager to fulfill their dream of a home of their own. Now there are thousands of homes in the Scheme ranging from the palatial to flats.

With the explosion in the population, businesses have increased in the community. There are a number of general stores, hardware stores, lumberyards, a furniture plant, mechanical and vulcanizing shops, and various other businesses ranging from barber shops to a doctor’s clinic as well as internet cafes, restaurants and the ever-present rum shops. There is also a guest house and the well-known Double Day International Hotel. There are also temples, mosques and numerous churches in Tuschen as well as a newly-constructed primary school and a nursery school. Towers from both phone companies are visible, while there is also a post office and a police station outpost.

Key features

bordered by all the sides

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protected by high security

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