Tenant PLACEMENT and Separation Services

Finding the right tenant for your property can be a hassle, it may take a few days or a few months. However, with our tenant placement agents, take the hassle off of your shoulders and provide you with your ideal tenant who will invest properly into your property. Talk to us for tenant placement services in Guyana.

Various components included in our offers

Our process of marketing, screening and recruitment process is seamless and precise.


We provide guidance in taking photos that will best showcase your property to increase appeal.

We create targeted ads that will speak to your ideal audience and reach them on various touchpoints on online platforms.

Your listings will be placed on our website which generates a high level of traffic from potential tenants.


We manage our database to find the ideal person who will suit your tenant criteria and conduct due diligence on the incoming tenants

Provide convenient and private viewings of the property

All the paper work, leave that to us. We will ensure the potential tenant has the capacity to afford your property

Samaan Model Steel Frame House Construction Guyana


We decrease the risks involved with leasing by ensuring that all paperwork is signed and all parties are aware of their obligations before moving takes place

At Demerara Realty we look at real estate with purpose. With over twenty years of combined experience in the realty business, our wide range of listings offer affordable to high end commercial and residential properties. 

Our expertise has lent to the success of our performance over the last two years. Demerara Realty has done the market research that allows us to give our Clients the best – whether their needs are to buy, rent, sell or have their properties efficiently managed.

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