Home Staging and Marketing services

Demerara Realty Inc provides home staging and marketing services that prepares your property for the market.

There are three aspects of our staging services

Staging consultation

Outsourcing contractors

Property Showcase

To effectively prepare your property for the market, contact us to stage the property

Staging Consultation

We can help you increase the value of your property so that you can close your sale or lease faster. Our experts at DRI can provide you with a full assessment on the condition of your property and advise on any changes needed to secure a deal, prior to a showcase. Contact us for home or commercial staging services.

Outsourcing Contractors

We can take the hassle of hiring the contractors to make the necessary modifications to your property if you’re unable to. Our database of painters, electricians, plumbers, etc who will suit your budget.

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Property Showcase

Once your property is all set, hire our specialists to host your showcase to create a connection between your property and its potential buyers. Our database consists of a diverse set of potential buyers that we can tap into to increase attendance and your success at finding your ideal buyer. Thereon, our agents will communicate the true value to the potential buyers in attendance by highlighting unique selling points of the property to secure the deal.

At Demerara Realty we look at real estate with purpose. With over twenty years of combined experience in the realty business, our wide range of listings offer affordable to high end commercial and residential properties. 

Our expertise has lent to the success of our performance over the last two years. Demerara Realty has done the market research that allows us to give our Clients the best – whether their needs are to buy, rent, sell or have their properties efficiently managed.

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